WoodyG Yates

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"Smooth, pleasant, adult male voice that is Warm, friendly"

I can produce a high quality, cost effective, amazingly mastered, professional, American male voice over for your next project. I am a natural at US accents, especially Southern US (Native), plus many more international accents.I have the talent, the drive, and the know-how to get the job done right!

Warm, friendly, genuine, conversational, believable, authoritative, fun, and comical voices. Commercials, corporate communications, narrations, e-learning, character voices, telephony, IVR, web/webcast and explainer videos.

Hear what others have said:
"Nice! You have a good voice, very smooth. Good use of pausing/pacing too." -Dane Scott Udenberg
"Very nice voice, WoodyG Yates!" -The Mature Voice
"A nice delivery. Very friendly." -Craig Alan
"...I did find your voice/delivery very pleasant to listen to and professional. I liked it." -Francisco Marquez
"You got the perfect music for it too." -Will Stauf


Years of just being myself. I have loved doing voices and have now 5 years of on phone conversational skills that allow me to convey a great message effectively and professionally. I have done corporate training, online and in person product demonstrations, trade shows, as well as public appearances and talks.


I used to work with Raritan Computer where I was a Sales Engineer/Technical Demo contact for their Command Center NOC product. I would do online and in-person demonstrations and installations of the product as well as training on how to use the devices. I would also attend conferences where I would give speaking engagements promoting the product.
I have also attended trade shows where I was technical POC for the Raritan product line.
Before that I was a Technical Lead for a solutions provider. I was involved in their Linux based product lines and was called on to install and train the customers.


I can do most everything needed to provide a clean, industry standard voice over. I do my own recording and post production.