Walter Dobies

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"I have a deep professional sounding voice with high energy."
Walter Dobies

My voice is a deep baritone similar to James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. Once I receive your script and I am comfortable with it, I will record the spot in my professional home studio and return it to you in the time frame agreed upon.
I am committed to present a professional job and studio quality reads to make your job easier.

It's easy to find a voice talent that talks, you just stumbled upon one who talks and listens.


I have had extensive training with Such-A-Voice which included 3 different coaches. I currently am working with a Personal Coach, Tommy Griffith, who has 40 years of voiceover experience. We meet on a weekly basis for coaching sessions.


I have been doing voiceovers for 4 years which includes a wide variety of auditions.


I have a very deep, baritone sounding voice, but can also do a Southwestern voice. I am open to trying any style of voiceover.