Victoria DeAnda

Victoria DeAnda

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"Victoria DeAnda - Spanish Voiceover Talent"

With more than 15 years of experience in TV production and broadcasting, Victoria DeAnda has earned the same length of experience as a professional voice-over talent in Spanish. Her expertise in hosting live shows and programs throughout her career as Executive Producer and Creative Services Director for KFWD TV-52 and as Director/Lead Producer for Telemundo Media has effectively translated into a distinctive talent for audio recording and voice artistry. Over the years, she has provided hundreds of successful recordings for the Telemundo Group and other clients, from start-up businesses to the more established, high-profile brands in various industries. Her diverse vocal qualities, ranging from warm and energetic, sensual and casual to smooth and professional, make her the perfect candidate for commercial voice-overs, documentaries, audio book narrations and tutorials, promo voice-overs and many others.

With her extensive experience in all aspects of commercial production, from writing and producing to directing, Victoria fully understands the demands required in creating a finished product that is compelling, creative and credible. Her diverse experience as both a team player and an executive leader has fully equipped her with the needed organization skills, flexibility and creativity, all of which are essential requirements for a premier voice-over talent.

With over a 15-year career that involves and requires interaction with fellow executives, staff and producers, clients, talent agencies and program sponsors, Victoria’s interpersonal and people skills are more than exemplary. Her ability to approach any project with organization and precision, culled from her 15-year experience in TV production and broadcasting, and her distinct vocal talent have made Victoria one of the most sought-after Spanish voice-over talents today.


Working in radio and television for over 15 years, Victoria has trained under the best coaches in the Media Industry.


Countless clients, from small companies to established businesses, have worked with Victoria for their Spanish voice-over projects. This voice artist with more than 15 years experience in broadcasting and audio narration has helped clients communicate their ideas, products and offerings to the right audience through hundreds of successful and well-received recordings.

Known for her natural vocal delivery, described to be outstanding, rich and convincing all in one breath, Victoria is the perfect choice for any project, from commercial voice-overs and movie trailers, web and audio narrations, business presentations to voice mail messages and promotions.

With her listening skills, voice versatility and quality and considerable experience in television producing and broadcasting, Victoria is well-poised to deliver only the best Spanish voice-over services.

As a professional Spanish voice-over talent, Victoria DeAnda looks forward to working with you and the following businesses/organizations:

 Television and radio stations
 Talent agencies
 Advertising agencies
 Video production companies
 Multimedia studios
 Audio book companies
 Non-profits
 Film studios
 And many others!

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In addition to her career as a Spanish voice-over talent, Victoria is a seasoned TV producer. She is also an excellent Hispanic copywriter and outstanding English to Spanish translator. Over and above her voice-over abilities, Victoria provides exceptional Spanish copywriting and English to Spanish translating services.

Creative, multifaceted, and flexible, Victoria knows the intricacies and requirements of every voice-recording project, from commercials and movie trailers to documentaries and audiobooks to business presentations.
Not only is she known for the versatility and quality of her vocal tones and inflections, she is also a naturally articulate, convincing Spanish voice-over talent with REAL experience.

With Victoria, you have found the only voice-over talent in Spanish you will ever need.