Venise Lashley

Venise Lashley

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"Neutral London accent with a warm, friendly and engaging tone"

Venise’s voice can be described as warm, friendly and engaging as well as bringing charisma to a script. Venise can deliver voiceovers such as commercial, corporate and narration and promptly complete projects with the use of a home studio.

Venise found her love for Drama and theatre through school. Venise attended the Barking and Dagenham college studying performing arts and theatre where she was first introduced to voice acting and quickly developed a skill for applying multiple voice ranges.


Training was conducted with a voice over coach at notable voices over a 5 month period to gain expertise in the industry.


I have recently stepped into the voice over world and have currently signed with an agency with a contract agreement to be able to also freelance.


Able to edit voice over work using editing software.