Ulf Bjorklund

Ulf Bjorklund

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"Swedish and English VO for E-learning, audio books, commercials"

I am a native Swede, and bilingual with Swedish and English. I have narrated stories in both languages for various companies.

My voice-over work includes children's apps/stories for iPad, Android and iPhone, E-learning, audio books, documentaries and commercials.

E-Learning clients have described my voice as "sophisticated, erudite, engaging and articulate." Clients for children's apps/stories and audio books have said that I am a natural story-teller, able to voice characters of multiple ages and attitudes.

Work Examples:
When Forlaget Propell, a Norwegian company, needed a Swedish VO to narrate their children's fables for iPad and Android, they chose me based on my voice and acting experience. I have also narrated their children's fables in English.

I have also worked with Mental Ward Films narrating their children's apps for iPhone in English.

CyraCom International Inc., hired me for Swedish localization for their E-learning course.

I have my own recording studio with designated voice booth and am able to deliver work quickly to any location. If you prefer that I travel to a local studio, that can also be arranged.

After listening to Ulf Bjorklund’s sample from a commercial, I requested a sample for my children’s book to see if he could manage the acting part. We were very satisfied with the result; warm and well spoken, and at the same time, the creative and imaginative voice. Good sound quality and quickly delivered.

-¬Dag von Krogh Bunkholt / Forlaget Propell (Propell Publishing)


Voice actor for 3 years, with several audio books from children's stories to non-fiction as well as E-learning, commercials and apps for iPad, Android, and iPhone. My 20 years' experience as a stage actor in English and Swedish has been invaluable in preparing me for my work in voiceover.


Wildside Press
Propell Publishing (Forlaget Propell,Norway)
Fifteen Four
CyraCom, International
Mental Ward Films (Dennis Ward)
Intersect Video
Road's End Films


Syncing to video, editing, finished audio, adding music to audio.