Treg Monty

Treg Monty

Membro à 3 anos
"Smooth, warm and inviting with perfect timing."

I have been a professional jazz musician for over 40 years specializing in the art of improvisation. Using the sax and flute as my unique voice in the musical genre, it taught me how to use space and timing in delivering a line. My voice is extremely warm, friendly and approachable. I have been a professional actor since 2013. I have appeared in numerous TV and Film work here in the U.S. I play "the Man" for the 350 plus Perkins Restaurant chain in the U.S. and Canada, these commercials are seen on national TV as well heard playing the "voice of the man" for their national radio spots. My voice over work was featured in several scenes in the feature film Pegasus on the Brink. In Pegasus I played the lead as President in this film shot is Beijing, China in late 2017 and is awaiting release. When it comes to delivering a script, I understand quality and what is needed to communicate a clear message and make it relatable for your specific audience and brand.


I have always been a student of improv and acting classes which combined voice over technique in many of their trainings. In addition, my extensive work with dramatic scripts and hundreds of auditions performed over time in my acting career, my practice has been ongoing in the art of being believable.


Perkins Restaurant, South Carolina Electric &Gas Company, PPG, VSEO GmbH, Darlington Technical College, The Civil War Documentary
These were jobs where professional agencies who knew me sought me out. It is now time for me to use my talent. I am now ready to work for you in making your brand or service understand and warmly received by your clients.


I can sing if required as long as it is not operatic!