Tony Reeves

Tony Reeves

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"British,warm, authoritative, convincing, measured, deep and calm"

UK English, RP, Upper Class English, BBC English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, West Country, Australian, South African.
Warm, convincing, authoritative, measured and involved for corporate and documentary narrations. Approachable, trustworthy - ironic if needed. Natural and convincing. Not good at false, fake enthusiasm!


The University of Listening to Other People Speak


4thought Productions - promo videos
Marketing City - promo video
Homeserve - Corporate video
BBC - Documentary narration
McKinsey Corp - corporate
Disability Jobsite - podcasts
Petite Star - online promo videos
Microsoft Volume Licencing - web
OGILVY Singapore - voicing David Ogilvy
360 entertainment group Atlanta
Mobile Industry Review - "Mr. Operator" podcasts
United Nations - Population Fund presentation
Synaptis - Exxon-Mobil - staff training videos
TRINSIC Animation - scientific
Elements Marketing and Advertising Services -
Pacific Coast Attorney Services
Hawk Productions - video games
JP Advertising Ltd / Blaze Productions, Malta - TV Commercials
Licht Filmproduktion, Wiesbaden - Imagefilm: Packaging Greif
FG Belgium BVBA - radio adverts - Scottish Covenanters
Prophesy Watch Ministries, Tulsa, Guam - TV Advert
Bob Krist, USA - Cornish Documentary Film
Futurebrand, Buenos Aires - Peru branding film
etc., etc, etc.

Here are some unsoliced testimonials:

Tony was a pleasure to work with. His performance was great and truly captivating. We highly recommend him and hope to work with him again.
Posted by:
Olga Kosova, AltSpace, Moscow. Feb 25, 2013
Job #69786 2.

Jan 20, 2013 This was my first job posting on a voiceover website.

I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was overwhelmed when I heard Tony's audition for my project. This man has mastered his trade. If that wasn't enough, he beat the already tight deadline by days. He did all this at a great price which comes in handy since this was a student project with no real budget.
Thank you, Tony!
Posted by:
Willem Rabe Jan 20, 2013

OK, you are amazing! Client approved the VO on the first pass!!!!
Yep, you are the demi-god of voiceage. The master of all things verbal… Ladies and Gentlemen let’s hear it for…..Tony One Time!
Thank you x 5 bogazillion!! You are THE man!
Steve X, California, 29th Nov 2012

Gorgeous voice, fast and efficient. What more could you ask for?
Posted by: Julia Mann Jul 12, 2012.

What a great voice! Quick response very talented! Will work with him again!
Morton Meintjes Apr 02, 2012

Great work Tony! - Aaron Lyon Oct 28, 2011

Thank you so much, my client was delighted. - Greg Davis Sep 15, 201

We got it!!!! It is fantastic. Outstanding job!!!! Gracias Tony!
Alvaro Serrano
Internet/Multimedia Manager
United Nations Population Fund
14th October


Tony, Thanks again for a great job! I really appreciate the fast turn-around. You are the best!
Thank you so very much.

Derwin Beushausen, Beushausen Enterprises Inc, Chicago, Sept 4th

*******************'ve been awesome in turning this around so quickly for us. Thank you for a thoroughly professional job, hopefully we can do this again soon!
Kenn Delbridge, M.P.S.E.
Supervising Sound Editor
SPLiCE Studios / Content Creation Pte Ltd
Singapore 088450
April 4th

I want to say again that your work is simply INCREDIBLE and beyond what I ever hoped or dreamed was possible. You "hit the nail on the head" with the voice over for this project. I received MANY responses from various artists, but YOU were the ONLY person who actually created and sent me a customized intro for me to listen to. You even created the script on your own. This is simply above and beyond what I expected. Again, thank you for such quality work. You are truly a professional in every way.
Derwin Beushausen, Beushausen Enterprises Inc, Chicago, Jan 9th


Hi Tony, I really like your speak for KCR homefinder. And would like to hire you for the job... you ARE worth the extra money.

Thanks for the soundfile... it is very good. I really like the last version of the slogan. And the WEB ADDRESS... so besides a fantastic voice, we get a guy who thinks for himself when the busy radiomanager/PD/janitor makes a mistake. Wonderfull.
Danny Fobian, Pattayapeopleradio (website) Thailand, Oct 30th 2007

I am so glad I picked you. The others would just do the work without care.

The recordings are absolutely fantastic. Our assistant DL Lieberman called them "sinfully delectable". I don't know. I would have used those same words to describe a white chocolate mouse with strawberry topping.
I think you should be a news broadcaster for BBC World News. You would make even sad news sound warm and not so sad.

That is the long version of saying that we are very happy with the work done. The short version is this:

The recording was brilliant.

Eunice Atieno
GE Stone International, Miami, 3rd Oct.

Firstly let me state how pleased I am with the overall product and direction taken by yourself as it relates to proper intonation and grammatical flow etc.

Now for that special brand of auditory alchemy that is your domain...
In a word my good man -Brilliant! I am exceptionaly pleased with everything you have produced.
Leslie Huszti, Edge Trade Canada 15th Aug.

Got it, thank you, and it sounds great. Just like what I was hoping for. I hope we can use you again for future projects.
Jason Tester,
Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, CA, August 31st 2006


Audio editing
Bass guitar/double bass