Todd Schick

Todd Schick

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"Professional Voice Talent - Todd Schick"

30+ years professional voice-over, dynamic range, pro studio.

Simply stated, if you're looking for an experienced male voice talent with great range, excellent acting chops and superb, professional service, Todd is about as good as it gets in the world of non-union voice-over.

Todd has spent more than three decades behind the microphone, making funny voices in small, padded rooms. Chances are you've already heard Todd's voice....somewhere. Perhaps it was as the narrator for How Machines Work on Discovery Channel, a Coca-Cola or General Motors ad on the radio, a spot for Panasonic televisions during the last winter Olympic Games.....or maybe it was the friendly voice on an automated telephone message from your gas company giving you the bad news your service was cut off......

But let's not go there......

With an insane amount of experience and a vocal age range from 18-45 male, Todd Schick has lent his voice to almost every format imaginable; thousands of radio and television commercials & promos, hundreds of television documentary programs, extensive animation work, imaging, e-learning and thousands of corporate narration projects. In addition to an extensive background in broadcasting, Todd is also an accomplished actor, bringing those skills to the studio and applying them to the world of voice-over.

Todd's most recent accomplishment was having his voice heard coast-to-coast in Canada as the National Brand voice for the Global Television Network from 2006 - 2012. Everyday for six years, he recorded promos for the Simpsons, House, NCIS, The Good Wife...all the promo content befitting a successful national television network...not to mention hundreds upon hundreds of bumpers, liners and tags.

He has often been regarded as "The hardest working VO guy in Canada" and is credited with having invented the business model of a home-based voice talent recording studio delivering audio via the internet - an occupation now enjoyed by thousands of aspiring voice talent.

Todd was one of the first voice artists on the Internet back in the day when Yahoo! was in its infancy, circa 1995. As a result of his website's renowned reputation for providing relevant information on the art of voice-over, now enjoys a Page #1 ranking on Google under many search terms associated with voice talent and the VO Industry. Roundly regarded as one of the most comprehensive websites on the internet for voice talent, it boasts some 100+ pages of content related to the voiceover industry - much of the content he has personally recorded.

As an extension of his acquired experience, Todd is now a much sought-after consultant; working with semi-pros and pros to sharpen their skills, tune their product and shape their vocal brand.


"Professional" in VO for 30+ years speaks for itself. When you hire Todd, you're simply hiring the best - talent, service and subsequent quality.

In addition to an extensive background in broadcasting, Todd has also become an accomplished actor, bringing those skills to the studio and applying them to the world of voice overs. Those in the industry can well appreciate the value this type of experience can bring to any project.

His vocal range is 18 - 40 English Male. Character voices are "unlimited" therefore limited only by the Director/Producers' imagination. The "natural" read a specialty, Todd is about as real as they get in the VO world.

Todd can make a bad script sound great, an average script sound superb and a good script sound spectacular.


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Todd Schick Productions Inc. studio services include:

A full-time staff to execute Recording, Editing and full Project Management including Casting and Administration.

Secure file server and archive service.

24 Hour (or less) turnover on smaller projects (under 15 minutes of finished audio). Longer deadlines respected and adhered to.

Free retakes on minor script changes.

Spec audio and audition requests encouraged.

ISDN, Phone Patch, SourceConnect.

All major Credit Cards accepted via PayPal.