Tim Rauter

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"Fun, friendly, adaptable and professional"

I consider myself a "happy-go-lucky" kind of person. My wife tells me I always have theme music in my head...which is 100% true. This attitude is also carried throughout my voiceover work which gives me a range like: Conversational, The Guy Next Door, Authentic, Youthful, Charismatic and Friendly. I'm extremely focused and efficient in what I do. When given a job/project, I can focus on the task at hand, be adaptable and listen to what the client says. I work hard to be as professional as possible in any situation and exceed the client's expectation for the job/project.


I have had some minimal training. In 2017 I attended classes at VoiceTrax in Sausalito, CA and was given some very positive feedback. From there I registered with a few websites like Voices.com and Voice123.com to help sharpen my voice skills and auditioning process. I am mostly self-taught and I'm more of a "learn-by-doing" person. I am always willing to learn and always take consideration/direction very seriously.


Worked on a video project for Trusted Media Brands. Have also worked on a few small projects with some friends who I know in the marketing industry. Always willing to work hard and exceed client expectations.


"But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you." Sorry, I had to put that in there. Hey, if Liam Neeson can say it, so can I....but...really...no special skills!