Tiffanie Lovett

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"Wide range of Vocals for all your Voiceover needs"
Tiffanie Lovett

LovettVoices (previously TJLovettVO) offers Broadcast quality audio and live direction capabilities. She is a voice actor with over 10 years experience in vocals, singing, voice acting and theater. In additional to her stage and studio experience, Tiffanie has a Bachelors degree in Creative Technologies and has experience working in the multimedia field and received audio engineer training. She records all voices and voiceover using Adobe Audition in her professionally built home studio and in addition to working directly with clients; you can also reach her through a variety of online actor agencies.


Bachelors Degree in Creative Technology including Audio Engineering, Audio Production, Adobe Audition, ProTools, Advanced Acting and Improvisation, Rhythm and music, Music Theory, Vocal Recording,
Sal Dupree vocal lessons
Alumni of the National Thespian Society

I'm also Certified in Historic Rapier Fencing, martial arts and self defense. I can create realistic fighting sounds, shouts, punches, kicks, throws, and falling as I have hands on experience in all areas of such combat styles…especially the falling.


travoreplay - HellRoad (Woman on Radio)
denture capital (Now Guch),
MuscleBird Team
Bolderoff Bros
The Brothers: DAOU Vineyards
PodPal Games - (Lt. Rita Michailov in Age of Space)
Alpha Models
Weiland -(Lorenava Perfume)
The Lue Young Collection – Commercial
The Beauty Kollective –Commercial
Zap Web Design Inc
Premium Language Interpreters – IVR
Cybernetic Genius
Trapped! Escape Room
Kirkuk Cag Kindergarten
Germani Insurance +++
Kiritsu Games
Emerald Cinema
Edge of Asylum
Musclebird – Waiting for the Raven
Zander Studios
Alpha Models
Daou Vineyard – Bodyguard
Mighty Cricket
Denture Capital – Guch
Stephanini Group
Crunch Studio – WildSky TD : Sirqhet
Draonest Games – AutoChess: Starlight Virgo


I have a wide range of vocals from years of trying out new sounds and ways to use my voice, both for play and professional reasons. I can be upbeat and bouncy as well as offer low tones and slow darker sounds.

I also have advanced certification in historic rapier fencing, martial arts, self defense and circus stunts. This means that I have the hands on experience to create realistic sounds of fighting, hitting, shouting, getting punched, thrown, kicking, impact and a variety of other fight style sounds.