Terry Jenkins

Membro à 2 anos
"The Actor's Voice-30 years in the business. Stage, Film, TV, Voi"
Terry Jenkins

Terry's background and first love is Theater and it shows in the depth he brings to his work. Terry has been doing voice overs for 30 years, while also acting on Stage ,in Film, Television,Commercials and Industrial Films. That perspective on the business brings a little something extra to the table, we think. From In-your-face Tractor Pull Announcer to Caring Doctor in Emergency Ward, from Super Geek to Loving Grandfather, Terry is the voice to supply it. VERSATILE Terry can give you any number of different takes on your copy and he knows how to deliver the subtle nuances that make the voice over uniquely your own. Terry's many years of stage and film acting.make him the go-to guy for supplying the Pacing, Pauses, and Intonation to make your voice over come ALIVE. CHARACTERS Terry has been playing characters his entire life! Need we say more? ACCENTS AND DIALECTS Terry can play the big broad comedic Frenchman, German, or Russian, but he can also do the subtle, real version of accents and dialects.


stared on stage as a teen, worked on camera in commercials and films, then got into Voice work.


Home Depot, Checkers, Ford Trucks, Turner Broadcasting, Popeye's, Apple Computer


Character voices, accents, dialects, cartoon voices. Impressions. Can sing a bit.