Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

Membro à 5 anos •
"The Voice that You Wait to Hear"

I specialize in narration describing the beauty of nature and unique qualities of mankind. In addition, my voice can be authoritative but soothing. Also, it can be perceived as teaching, informing. I have been compared to the guy next door delivering the message in a caring, compassionate manner. In addition, my delivery can be upbeat and welcoming. I am also the knowledgeable expert sharing advice.


Took singing lessons for 8 years prior to beginning acting and on-camera studies. Took Voice Over Technique class at Mike Lemon Casting in Philadelphia. Have been working intensively with voice over coaches for the past 10 years. Began work with former coach, Joanne Joella, in May of 2008. Joanne is an accomplished voice over and on-camera artist, former VO casting agent at Mike Lemon Casting who currently coaches and casts VO talent while, at the same time, regularly books VO jobs and performs on stage. Most recented coached by Chuck McKibben, former studio engineer and voiceover talent as well as writer, director and producer. Have also taken multiple voiceover classes and seminars over the years.


Some examples of my voiceover jobs include:

Did voice over for radio spot for local college at Audio Post, a recording studio in Philadelphia, PA.

Was hired to do pre-recorded promos and announcements as well as live announcing for a summer concert series in Philadelphia, PA.

Did voiceover job for local Philadelphia-based production company. The job was to provide the voiceover for a website product promotion for a local sporting goods chain. I recorded all of the takes in my home studio, and the production company took it from there to completion of the project.

These are just a few examples of the variety of projects I have been involved with.


I was intensely involved in the world of professional speaking for two years before deciding that voice over was my true passion. I have also enjoyed doing on-camera work which has developed out of my relationships with voice over coaches whose opinion I greatly respected. I have also contributed my time and talents for Recording for the Blind. Finally, in my job as an investment manager for a large financial services firm, I have for 30 years solicited new business, developed existing client relationships and addressed client groups large and small. As for now, I am passionate about what I call my Second Act, a campaign to fully develop the creative side of my being. Last but not least, I am a lover of music of all sorts and have begun redeveloping my skills as a drummer which I first acquired forty years ago.