Steve Livingston

Steve Livingston

Membro à 2 anos •
"Easy-listening, Smooth, Cultured, Well-modulated 'Everyman' VOA"

Steve brings a mixture of vibrancy, authenticity, fun, energy, and professionalism to all his work. Steve speaks/reads/writes German and some Russian and can easily incorporate that into his voice over and narration work. Steve has worked and studied both domestically (USA) and overseas (Europe - including Ireland/UK/EU countries/Norway/Russia/Asia/Australia/South America); he has the background and cultural experience to work anywhere in the world!

Steve's voice has been described as real, conversational, persuasive, and warm, with the ability to turn on a hard sell when needed. He has the ability to project his voice as an appealing entertainer/announcer, but also to impart confidence, trust, richness, calmness, energy, humor, softness, and familiarity. He can add other qualities, as needed, including singsong, lilt, or cadence.

Steve is adept at voice over work, commercial/audio narration, live presentations, public speaking, emceeing events, game shows, symposiums, and more with an easy-listening, smooth, cultured, well-modulated "everyman" voice.


Steve trained in several Master and Advanced Courses at 'Voices for All' based out of New York City. He trained with world-renowned voiceover artist Mike Elmore ( who molded and fine-tuned Steve's voice.
Steve has been in public-speaking for over 20 years, hosting meetings, conferences, public/government sessions and more; he also worked as 'The Voice of Hollywood Casino' for many years where he interacted with guests in game shows, hosted events, introduced national acts, and performed live on-air regularly.
Steve also had training waaaaay back in High School and College/University in voice/speech/public speaking and loves what he does!


Steve is an LA-based voice over artist adept at commercial, audio narration, live presentations, public speaking, media interaction, emceeing events, game shows, symposiums, and more.

Steve has done work for eLearning, commercials, YouTube videos, media companies, audiobooks and more in the US, a movie trailer for 'Snowbirds, Lovebirds' in the Russian Federation, and several psychological videos in Hungary.

Mission Statement, Vision, and Values:

My mission is to make your business succeed by providing a memorable, high quality, professional voice over that "Makes Your Business Speak" to the customer.

I will incorporate your vision of the project with my versatile voice that is customized to your needs; ensuring that the final objective is your realization of, and delight with, the project's conclusion.

I value consistent communication between all parties, openness, honesty, and transparency throughout the process.

Steve on the Mic is also a Social Venture supporting The COC Cancer Charity ( by donating a minimum 5% of sales quarterly.


All of Steve's files are delivered clean and edited for noise/breaths/etc. Steve is capable of doing some post-production (music or background), if needed, also.

Steve can read/write German and Russian and is willing to ensure that your translation is accurate for the English language.