Stefan Chinell

Stefan Chinell

Membro à 4 anos
"The go-to-guy for a good solid swedish voice"

Voices are everywhere. Here is Stefan Chinell, voted Sweden's Most Solid Voice.

Top-notch equipment, 15+ years professional and clients in 20+ countries means this guy gets YOUR message heard - weather it's a TV or radio ad, product information video, e-learning, business presentation, technical or medical information. Hear & see more at:

We connect. You direct.
You can follow and direct the recording live in real time over phone or Skype, just as if we were in the same studio. Or make a remote recording with any Chrome-based system such as Session LInk Pro*, ipDTL* or Source Connect*. Quick, easy and very cost efficient. For details, call me at +46 (0)90 77 25 05 or email:

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Send a few lines of script (along with your contact info) and get a Free Custom Demo.

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Stefan Chinell
+46 (0)90 77 25 05
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Partly from the Voice Acting Academy in San Diego, USA


15+ years professional. Clients in 20+ countries.
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"Swenglish" (English w. Swedish accent; for Viking type voices or when a swedish accent adds 'colour and flavour')