Sky Rae

Sky Rae

Membro à 3 anos
"Looking for a Bright, Bubbly, Hardworking character?"

 SkyRae has been working in the voice acting world since she was 17 (now 23); her passion for voice acting grew when she decided she not only wanted to play the games she loved, but act in them. SkyRae has worked her way up in the VO industry by taking on small roles in Indie Games and slowly growing to higher titles and stretching her limits to other projects such as narration and commercials. She strives to make quality content -- working from home in a professional home studio.  She's best known for her part as the voice of Chloe Price in fan projects all around YouTube, SkyRae strives for quality voice acting that fits any role you may need! From children, to smart talking teens, she can just about do anything! Her biggest game so far is being able to voice over 3 different characters on the Facebook App - EverWing. Sky Rae has the voice for anything you may need! Visual Novels, Commercials, Audio Narration, Video Games, Animation, you name it! The voice will astonish and leave you wanting more.

Here in 2019 shes ready to take the challenge on doing whatever life may throw her way. She's always working on finding different ways to shine and strengthen her skills. 


Sky Rae has taken multiple classes in her life, she highly believes that in order to strengthen her skills she can't let her guard down! Taking classes and listening to audits every month, working in live studios with directors and constantly taking advice from her peers. She has taken many classes for singing growing up, and loves to showcase her best qualities. Shes been training for over 6 years to create the voice she has now.


Sky has worked on many projects; mainly based with video games, audio books, and commercials. She has had the honor to work with Facebook's app, EverWing., as well as working on many Steam titles. She has had the honor to work on commercials such as FaithKids and The Wedding Experience!


Looking for a great singer? Audio Editor? Sky can bring what you need to the table. Some skills are singing, video/content editing, sound mixing, and photography!