Sinéad Clancy

Membro à 5 anos •
"Irish Actress and Voiceover artist, London-based."

I have used both my native Southern and a Northern Irish accent professionally. My voice is bright, bubbly, friendly and convincing. The age range is 20s to 40s. I'm professional, prepared and good to work with in the studio. I was born in Canada and lived there for the first 6 years of my life and can slip into a General American accent easily. Raised in Ireland meant we were taught Irish ( Gaelic) in school and I can read it in a Munster Irish dialect.
In 2020 I voiced a corporate online promo and in 2021 I narrated a children's audio book.


I have completed workshops with The Showreel, who produced my demos and Actors Guild working with VOKickstart. I studied Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting and have a mezzo soprano signing voice with a good belt.


I have worked on e-learning voiceovers, online video adverts, tv commercials and audiobooks.


I have a very good singing voice - mezzo soprano. Vocal Range: F below Mid C to Top C