Sharon Huff

Sharon Huff

Membro à 2 anos •
"A voice of warmth, clarity, integrity, conversational and upbeat"

The sound is down to earth, with a wry sense of humor, and warmth, warmth, warmth. For training, I specialize in crystal clear delivery with a friendly and upbeat quality. The range of my work has been huge and the best way to hear it is is on my website at My home studio is excellent, designed by a Dolby Audio engineer, with the ability to have a directed session through facetime,zoom or source connect.


My voiceover training through Voicemedia and Voice One. Don't tell anyone but I'm also a trained clown and classical theatre actor. Crazy, huh?


Clients (more on website at
Home Depot
Farmer's Insurance
Monster Cable
Getty Museum

educational and healthcare institutions:
University of Arizona
UC Merced
San Francisco State
Havens Hospice
St. Charles Hospital

Videogame work for Kabam and others. Nine books currently on Audible.


I'm an excellent writer and editor in english, and can be extremely helpful with usage for an American audience. My dialects are exellent. My home studio rocks.