Sabrina Glow

Sabrina Glow

Membro à 8 anos •
"REAL Kid VO & Singing talent with Animation expertise"

Sabrina is one of the industry-loved #GlowGirls!

Glow Girls Kid Voiceover is made up of sisters Cassie & Sabrina Glow ~ Award-Winning Pro Kid Voiceover & Singing talent experienced in Animation, Commercials, Toys, Singing, Promos, and Podcasts. The Glow Girls connect with clients all over the world from their Pro Home Recording Studio, equipped to host live client directed sessions and deliver top-notch audio. Their notable client portfolio includes Disney, Apple TV+, Dreamworks TV, Nick Jr, Netflix, Mattel, Fisher Price and more.

Sabrina is a breeze to work with, efficient in the booth, and endorsed by top industry VO professionals! Adorable voice, youthful yet articulate, fun, inspirational, energetic, with incredible vocal range covering Baby to Kid to Tween to Teen! A true knack for bringing a script to life.

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Sabrina is professional trained in Voiceover, Singing, and Acting and is endorsed by top Industry VO coaches and professionals.


Sabrina Glow - Award-Winning Voiceover & Singing Talent
* 8+ years of Voiceover & Singing experience
* Clients: Disney Channel, Nick Jr, AppleTV+, Fisher Price, Mattel, PBS Kids, Netflix, Sesame, Hallmark, Moose Toys and more.
* Expertise: Animation, Commercials, Toys, Singing, Promos, Podcasts


Singing, Accents, Animal & cute Creature sounds!