Ryan Benes

Ryan Benes

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"Experienced down to earth every day deep American voice"

If you need an experienced voice that is down to earth and connects with the common every day American then look no further!
Relatable commercial work and outstanding narrative style with clean and clear inflections. Ryan possesses a naturally commanding voice with a neutral accent complemented with a level of gravitas and richness. Ryan has extensive personal experience in both the private and military sectors so lingo in those departments is second nature. Ryan can usually turn a project around in 24 hours, sometimes less, sometimes a little more depending on the project, forces of nature, his kids, or periodic outdoor excursions. Ryan takes immense pride in his work and will move heaven and earth to make sure you are satisfied. In the end Ryan is the guy you'd like to sit down and enjoy a fine glass of bourbon with. He takes it neat or occasionally on the rocks!


Edge Studio
J. Michael Collins
Marc Cashman


Every successful gig is an accomplishment in its own right. Recently I have done work for THALES and Ski.com.


Capable of post-production to deliver a mastered product if necessary.