Russell Minthorn

Membro à 4 anos
"My voice is conveys strength,passion and confidence!"

I am larger than life! When I am speaking to a live audience I engage the room as if it is a private one on one conversation. In the recording booth I am just as engaing with the soon to be audience. I have never thought or took the attitude that any job is too small. For me it's an extension of myself! I love performing and voice over work has enabled me to do one of the things I love most and that is to play in the theater of the mind! My voice has deep, soothing tones to it that can keep you captive for hours on end. No matter if I am selling the newest suv or life insurance. The passion that I have for what I do shines through on any project or job that I do!


Little did I know in 1994 when I started go go dj'ing that that was my so called internship to the world of voice acting! I learned how to do live commercials on the spot(self editing especially). Some of the commercials where for beer companies(Bud,Coors,Corona). As the years went on I got better and people come up and say how they can picture my voice on the radio,I would often say thanks and do nothing about pursuing that road. It took a few years of hearing this over and over that I went to a production company in New York City to see if I really have what it takes and yes I do! For almost seven years now I stay in Touch with Edge Studio where I do my demo reels as well attend workshops when I can. You can never have enough practice.


Retro Fitness I voiced radio and video ads for them. I have been working with Retro steadily for 3 years now. I have been staying active with small company phone directories.


Not only do I perform,I also write scripts for clients. Editing as well. I am a musician{drums, strings and some keyboards) this is helpful in post production.