Russ Wayne

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"Two out of three people like this voice, find your number here."
Russ Wayne

Using my voice to make you smile. That's the best description of my style of delivery. I'm a proficient announcer, capable of conversational delivery for commercials and I'm looking to expand my focus to other genres of voice-over. I enjoy working with other team members and I can also work alone, with little direction. I'll deliver your read on time and within budget.


I've been an Anchor/Reporter at two TV stations on America's East Coast, writing, producing and recording VO for a story a day for many years, also recording promos and teases. Radio station DJ at half-a-dozen stations around the nation. I've appeared live on stage to introduce other speakers and for a large sporting event. I continue to learn about voice-over and hone my professional talents with instructional help from various vocal coach pros.


Everything above plus the project you're about to send!

I'd love to send you a free audition for your project, just send a bit of script and I'll get a voice sample off to you right away, usually in just a few hours because I like to stay close to my home studio.


Post production editing.