Russ Wayne

Russ Wayne

Membro à 5 anos •
"Confident - Wise - Warm"

Using my voice to make you smile. That's the best description of my style of delivery. I'm a proficient announcer, capable of conversational delivery for commercials. I have a professional home studio and I'm willing to travel to nearby commercial studios for group projects. Most importantly, I can deliver your project on time and within budget.


I've been an Anchor/Reporter at two TV stations on America's East Coast, writing, producing and recording voice-over for daily on-air delivery. I've also worked at many radio stations around the nation. I've appeared live on stage to introduce other speakers and at large sporting events. I continue to learn about voice-over and hone my professional talents with instructional help from various vocal coach pros.


Everything above plus the project you're about to send!

I'd love to send you a free audition for your project, just send a bit of script and I'll get a voice sample off to you right away, usually in just a few hours because I like to stay close to my home studio.


Post production editing.