Roger Gascon Salvadó

Roger Gascon Salvadó

Membro à 7 anos •
"Youthful male voice in Catalan, Spanish and British English"

My voice has been described as youthful, friendly and versatile (it can be soft, energetic, enthusiastic, angry, scary, funny, etc). I speak native Catalan and Spanish, and also a proficient British English and Italian. I also studied French, Russian, German and Czech. I am very familiar with the pronunciation of names and words in many other languages (Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, etc.) so if your text includes towns or people names in other languages, I may be what you're looking for.


Theatre, radio and TV (COM Ràdio, La Xarxa, Rac1). Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Italian language Diploma. Audio Engineering Diploma.


I have appeared regularly in two Catalan radio programmes during four consecutive years: Extraradi (former COM Ràdio, now La Xarxa), and Via Lliure (Rac1). I work as a freelance for publishing companies narrating children stories and presentations and dialogues in Catalan and Spanish, and I have also voiced videos and games in Catalan, Spanish and British English. I am a sound engineer and music producer and I have my own studio (Gate24 Estudi de so) and an audio services company (Gate24 Audio).


Composer, singer, multiinstrumentalist (I play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion and similar). I am the composer, singer and guitar player in The Lazy Lies.