Rodie Dror Kozlovsky

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"recognized voice. rich experience in every type of voice work."

Professional Hebrew voice talent and an Actor. I live in Israel. 45 years old.

With a perfect hebrew ,which is very important due to the Hebrew NIKKUD requirements, which Immediately distinguishes between amateur and professional voicework in Hebrew .

I know for non-Hebrew speakers it sounds like... well Hebrew(or chinese) but it is true... :)
save money in Hebrew voicework and you will get an unusable result among a quality audience

I do many national voiceworks, dubbings, radio commercials, audio-books.
I own a fully equipped studio , which has everything you need for quality recording .


Graduated from BEIT-ZVI acting school. Appears regularly in theaters since the age of 21.


Dubbing ;TV and radio commercials ; Voice accessibility ;Tutorials. E-books. E-learning , Historical Sites; Museums
Examples of major works:

Shapa - Radio commercials on regular basus.
Books - A story a day : daily book reading in the KAN 11 radio for the short story project. Icast books. I have done hundreds of Audio-books.
Disney + : Ivan (Ivan the one and only) , The Spectator(What if)
Netflix : King Teca (Maya and the three)
Museums and theater messages : I am the voice of some major galleries and theaters.