Robert Taylor

Membro à 5 anos
"I have a powerful, resonant, flexible voice that can be youthful"

In my work, I dedicate as much of my energy as possible in being authentic. I want to get as close to the vision that the client has for their product, be it that little touch of nuance for an ad or a softer word of emotion for a character. This was especially true from my time doing audio-books. When getting your message across to an audience, connecting with them is outright the most important thing you can do. I'm able to be flexible in terms of age ranges, having performed parts as young as 14. My natural tone immediately sets me in the right range to connect with other millennial audiences, and right now most of my focus is in commercial work.


I started out learning by doing, I just was out there making mistakes and learning from them. It's what developed a good foundation that led me to people like Tish Hicks, who was my first coach. From there, I joined the GVAA and have been developing my VO skills ever since. I also have a background in audio engineering, so editing comes natural to me as well as knowing the right equipment for the job. Combine that also with being an experienced singer, I already knew how to keep my voice in top shape and able to flex it where I need to! Thanks to all I have learned, when I look at a copy, it's always my first point to find out one simple thing, " What's the feel that would fit this perfect?"


My biggest achievements so far have yet to come, as I still am stretching my feet in the field, I've been at this for a year now. I've been involved with a few minor projects, including video game based work. I am looking to grow my experience with as much exposure to the craft as possible.


Post-production, singing, proofreading, character acting, you name it! I've picked up many skills over my life that I now pour into VO, and it's almost a question of "What can we do to make this better?" rather than a "What can you do?"