Richie Ammons

Membro à 2 anos
"Relatable or resounding, wicked or wise, I have your voice."
Richie Ammons

Having worked in marketing for 14 years and a lover of all things audio, I know the power of the human voice to bring home a message. My style is distinct and impactful. Wether your message needs the voice of a trusted friend or the final authority, I have you covered. In character work, I am your valiant hero or menacing dark lord.


I began by voicing explainer videos because my marketing director thought I had a nice voice. From there I took an 8 week in-person training course. I train daily in my home studio.


I was put on the roster at the production studio I took my training classes. That was a huge confidence boost for me and I went on to perform work for the US Navy. Finding success in the world of character work is especially rewarding because of my love of comics, video games, animation or anything geeky. Transitioning from designing marketing projects to voicing them is something I'm majorly proud of and I feel is a great asset.


I have been a creative lead in the marketing world for 14 years. I'm able to do some post-production work.