Richard Garifo

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"Confident and lively. An engaging grown-up voice."
Richard Garifo

I have worked for years in medical education and for decades in the tech sector. I have worked as janitor and have been a vice president at a division of a Fortune 50 company. My speaking and presenting experience started when I won my first public speaking contest in eighth grade over 50 years ago. This experience enables me to speak clearly and authoritatively on a wide array of topics, especially those involving medical terminology, technical jargon, and complex ideas. I am also a father and a grandfather, and have been a storyteller my entire life. While I can speak with confidence and conviction, my style is lively, engaging, and audience appropriate, and has been described as "...warm, textured, and mature... with an unexpected quirkiness."

Imagine the guy next door who always makes you laugh but can finally get you to understand why your WiFi password sucks.


Coaching with J. Michael Collins, Kathleen Puls Andrade, and Don Baarnes.
Master of Fine Arts in Speech and Theater.


eLearning modules for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
Internal instructional video for Health Science sector of General Dynamics Information Technology
Fiction and non-fiction audiobooks and audiobook chapters


Former English teacher adept at editing for cohesion, grammar, and reading/listening level.