Rhodri Jones

Rhodri Jones

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"Deep, rich, warm, clear, trustworthy neutral British voice"

My voice is unique with a warm, rich, friendly, and trustworthy tone. My accent is neutral British so the listener can't really pinpoint where I'm from.


- Instinctual Acting London (5 years +)
- 1:1 coaching with Alex J Morgan
- Various workshops including at One Voice Conference - London


Narrator - Monmouthshire Tours (Monmouth Tourism Board) via Imagineer (UK)
Voice of God - Illuminations (Religious Conference opener) via Ox Creative (USA)
Character (Prime Minister) - the Bunker - award winning short film (UK)
e-Learning (the Skills) - International Voiceover Agency (Spain)
Character (priest) - Valo - TV Series (Ekkofilm) - (Norway)


I can produce fully edited voiceovers from my home studio.
I am also a singer and musician (piano and guitar).