Paul Hopkins

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"Confident and self-assured VO artist who can always add a twist."
Paul Hopkins

I'm a professional actor with over thirty years of experience on stage and screen and 15 years in the studio. I've been the lead voice for several commercial campaigns but I've also worked on everything from gaming to documentaries to dubbing to explainer videos.


I'm a professionally trained as a theatre actor and I've participated in dozens of professional VoiceOver workshops. Most of my training background is based in Canada. It includes several workshops through Elley Ray Hennessey and private coachings. These workshops covered everything from audiobooks to animation to motion capture and I've worked with some of the top directors and casting directors in Canada. Most recently, I've been with Gravy for the Brian, fine-tuning my skill as both talent and recording. Other than that, my general actor's training covers a wide array of workshops in Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal and Canada's Stratford Festival in the prestigious Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre Training.


I've been working in the studio for over fifteen years. Clients include many national brands in Canada such as VIA Rail, Bel AIr Direct Insurance, Van Houtte Coffee, and Chartwell Residential Homes. Other clients include more internationally recognized brands such as McDonald's and Molson. My gaming experience includes working with Ubisoft and performing numerous characters on renowned projects such as Assassins Crede, Thief 4 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I also have experience narrating several documentaries and explainer videos, including medical.


I can sing. I would call myself a rock baritone.