Naylene Frunk

Membro à 8 anos •
"Conversational, Rich, Sultry, Motherly, Authority, Girl-Nxt-Door"

Why choose me for your voice over project? Because you're Ohana. Read on to find out what that means exactly or skip to ABOUT MY VOICE if you dig right in about these pipes.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Island life comes natural to me. Growing up, the beach was my backyard, literally. My dad's office was a surfboard shop right outside my bedroom window. Most days after school, my brother and sister and I would walk to what we called the "slip 'n slide," a flat rock covered with slippery seaweed, situated and sloped perfectly into the shore break. It was nature's finest water-theme park! I couldn't have asked for a better child-hood.

Now, as a professional voice actress living in Portland, OR., when I work with clients on projects, I want to create an experience similar to a Hawaiian vacation. Where every detail is taken care of and there's a feeling of contentment in the final product and process. You may not be in a hammock on a white sand beach, holding a refreshing drink and watching the sun slowly fall deep below the horizon, but you will certainly feel refreshed soaking in what I call Ohana (family) Customer Service. Ohana sticks together, pays attention to each other, always has each other's backs. That's how I was raised - that's how I live. No question about it.

Always wished you had family living in Hawaii? Well, now you do. Introduce yourself by email, phone or txt and let me know how I can help. My 5-star voice and customer feedback are a delightful combination to get us started on our journey together. I am always available for Ohana.

Warm aloha's to you.

My voice is naturally soothing and because of my alto range, there's a sense of confidence I am able to communicate. That's why there is no better voice for sleep and relaxation projects, medical and dental offices that need to reassure patients, resorts....any project that conveys tranquility, warmth, rest, contentment, etc. Did someone say all-expense-paid Hawaiian vacation? Yeah, it's something like that.

The sultry, sexy side of my voice begs to be heard. You could feel like you're being pampered at the beauty spa or buying your first luxury car. Exhilarating or be the judge.

There is also an authoritative quality about my voice, since it's deep. I like to think of it as a whisper that commands attention. But let's face it, facts....just the facts....can get boring. So, mix the right amount of friendly with the right amount of firmly and it's the right amount of presence for important content.

But wait - there's more versatility. Need viewers and listeners to stay engaged? Need your internet commercial or business presentation to be memorable? That's what this Aloha girl-next-door is for. Interactive projects are my specialty.

I do sing. Mostly the USA National Anthem before my daughter's volleyball tournaments and games. I used to sing much better, in fact, recorded a few songs for radio. That was the good ole' days. Now, I've been over 15 years in the business as a full-time Voice Over Talent.


Dan O'Day Seminar
Inside the Recording Studio Workshop with Sharon Bierut
Voice Casting Workshop with Mary Lynn Wissner
Rex Recording Weekly Voice Class
Voice Instruction by Stu Setch
Private Coaching with J. Michael Collins
Podcasts with Bill DeWees


I began on-air in a small market radio station in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In Portland, Oregon I was a radio sales assistant for many years. I also ran a small media buying company for a short time where I wrote & produced commercials and promotional videos. I've honed my passion for voice work by singing, acting and doing voice overs since 1986. I now own Naylene Studios, a voice & production studio.

As a full-time voice talent, I draw from this past experience to provide knowledgeable & thorough customer service. When you think of sessions that went smoothly and you walked away from saying to yourself, "Wow, I'm glad we hired that gal!" those are the moments I live for.

With all the voice talent you have to choose from, my hope is that you will give me an opportunity to show you why customers who have been with me for over 10 years give me 5 star reviews.


Who falls asleep during a recording session? ME! I humbly admit it - while voicing copy! But the client was ecstatic. You see, I was voicing Kaiser Permanente's Sleep & Relaxation CD. Mid sentence I got sleepy, closed my eyes and lost my place in the copy! Job well done!

National Brands: Kaiser Permanente, Liberty Mutual, Clorox, Avon, HP, Hunter Douglas, Lockheed Martin, DR Horton, Haagen Dazs, Dollywood, SpeeDee Oil and others.

Agencies: I work with agencies in Canada & the US, from NYC to LA & in-between.

Short Film:
"How to Breathe" by Noah Stanik and Sky Stever.