Natasha Myrick

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"Versatile, Expressive, Conversational"

I have decades of experience in vocal music as a performer and as vocal coach. While I excel in opera as a coloratura soprano, I also enjoy singing jazz as a rich alto. As a commercial VoiceOver actor, I consider myself to be versatile, conversational, expressive, and warm. I also hold experience in acting in theater and film.


My commercial VoiceOver skills come from months of training under a highly experienced VoiceOver talent in the industry. Prior to training one-on-one with her, I have years of experience with acting on stage and on film. I have trained as a vocalist/singer for over 20 years.


I am waiting for my break into the VoiceOver industry. I hope that my professional demo reel and diligent training in the professional realm will yield results soon.


I have a professional quality studio set up in my home. I am an accomplished singer ranging from alto-coloratura soprano.