Nancy Giere

Membro à 3 anos •
"From fund edgy and humorous to incredibly professional!"

My voice has a familiar quality hat ranges from that fun edgy humorous girlfriend to a competent compassionate professional. My naturally expressive and engaging voice will help you to promote your product, convey just the right message, reinforce key ideas and really connect with your audience every time!

I'm a natural born storyteller, and love to make people laugh. I can play it straight or ham it up as needed.

I bring five different styles to my work:
Fun | Engaging | Expressive | Friendly | Energetic | Enthusiastic | Happy | Upbeat

Hip | Edgy | Funny | Dynamic | Sarcastic | Playful

Professional | Informative | Confident | Believable | Credible

Authentic | Conversational | Warm | Friendly | Genuine

Rich | Smooth | Sophisticated | Elegant | Sultry | Sexy | Mysterious


Such A Voice
Voice One


I've been narrating videos and on demand learning programs for Xero for 2 years. I'm also the the comedic talent behind a regular product update for accountants and bookkeepers. I also have the distinction of being one of a handful of American voices that Xero will accept in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. My experience as a speaker and trainer has helped me to see every job as new story to tell.


I have access to partner in crime that can help add music or special effects to any project. And I'm just a lot of fun to have around.