Nadya Schwingel

Nadya Schwingel

Membro à 7 anos •
"A Brazilian Voice to connect and talk to your audience!"

Effort and commitment to quality are united to a professional, friendly, conversational and natural voice.
Warm and involved for narrations, assertive and confident for presentations...
Soft, happy, natural and seller for advertising...
Captivating and enchanting for children...
Versatile to perform many different characters and caricatural voices:
cute, funny, sexy, stylish, enthusiastic, silly... whatever you need.

Recording in Brazilian Portuguese and English with Brazilian accent.


Technical course actor - Aktoro Escola de Formação de Atores - SC
Interpretação e Locução - Espaço Renoir - SP
Feedback Course Professional Communication - Ricardo Silva - SC
Voiceover Workshop Advertising - Antonio Viviani and Nicola Lauleta - SP
Social Communication in Advertising - UFMT ;
Advanced English in American English USA 2001;
Post disciplines in adult education by IFMT - MT (2009 ) ;
Course Writing and Journalism Advertising / UFM ;
Management Media / FM Band - SP
Among others.


My recordings add value to many brands in national and international productions of advertising, narrations, corporate presentations, localization, apps, trainings, web videos, games and many others.
My main clients include
Walmart, Avon, J&J, Veet, Kinder Ovo, Arrow, HP, Google, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Bayer, S2 games, ChilliBeans, Return Path, Natura, among others.


Fluent in english
Post Production
Lip Sync and Dubbing
Skype session for direction if necessary
translation and revision from PT to English, English to PT