Moose Warywoda

Moose Warywoda

Membro à 2 anos •
"Everyman meets the imposing 'drama force'"

I bring a gravely presence and resonance to a project. I can be bright and smily and then sullen and dark. Thoughtful and serious and then wicked and vengeful.
I LOVE doing 'tongue in cheek' characters who are a little sly but not definitely not talking down or alienating to the listener.
Basically, I love being 'set free' to create.


Radio production and on-air shows. Plus training with Gabby Nistico, David Rosenthal.
Teenage years I took some acting classes wth Cassablancas Modeling and Acting. IT WAS IN A STRIP MALL! So you KNOW it's good. (I actually learned a bit there).


IBM Cloud Computing
Victory Motorcycles
Iowa Lottery
Munro Muffler
Yahoo Mobile


I can do post production as I'm an award winning audio producer for radio and music.