Mike Manz

Mike Manz

Membro à 4 anos •
"I have an expressive, nuanced, authoritative voice"

Nature gifted me with a deep, rich, resonant voice. What really makes me stand out, however, is the skill with which I use that voice. I bring an astonishing capacity for expressiveness and nuance to each and every job, and I am proud of both my emotional range and my professionalism.


I am relatively new to voice acting, though I have been recording audio as a musician for more than 25 years. I have a wide variety of acting experience that includes leading roles in both musical and dramatic stage productions in Canada, and roles of varying sizes in a great many television programs filmed in Mainland China (in both English and in Chinese). I also worked as a classroom teacher for 20 years. Whether to convey detailed and complex information clearly or to elicit an emotional response, a lifetime of experience has left me perfectly suited for whatever task I ask of my voice.


Nothing noteworthy


I am a singer and can do basic post-production and mixing.