Mike Berlak

Mike Berlak

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"real. natural. voiceover."

A natural, conversational delivery or a softer/classy read are my specialties. A little smile and a "wink" are also there if you so desire :)


BA in Speech/Communications
VO Workshop: Nick Omana, Nova Productions
VO Workshop: Lynda McCarrell, McCarrell & Associates
Weekly Workouts: voicebank.net
Additional Training/Info: Gravy For The Brain


Lots of it!
Some comments...
“Love your voice!  Your pacing was great.  Nice job on this copy.”
“Perfect voice for this spot.  Tone, delivery, and pacing are dead on.  I wouldn’t change a thing!  Great voice for commercial, radio, TV broadcast, and political ads."
“The texture in your voice is awesome.  Nice sound and a sellable voice.”
“Great energy and you’ve got such a nice unique tone to your voice that makes your read sound so natural.”
“Well done.  You have a very strong voice and I enjoyed the way you played this copy.”


Quick turnaround available and top technical quality assured.