Michael Kelleher

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"Assuredly Smooth, Warm-Toned Friend you ask for advice"
Michael Kelleher

My early beginnings over 20 years ago in television, radio and pre-internet broadcast were in becoming the voice of authority for instructional videos and in-house corporate industrials for numerous Fortune 500 companies. During my journey of self discovery and voice identification, I developed my strengths in advertising brand building and brand recognition for consumer products and services. Having a background in on camera acting in both television and corporate training films, I have voice-body connection with my deliveries....meaning that as a professionally trained (former AFTRA member) actor I intimately understand the fundamentals of creating a character and narrator that LIVES behind the mic what the audience cannot see, but FEEL. I "flesh out" the character and give him 3-Dimensionality that not only immerses the audience in their head and soul, but creates a believable environment of realism within fantasy, fiction, and romance.


Back in the 90's and early Naughts it was a different industry for voice actors when going out for "the Job". I was well represented in the Twin Cities, with six different talent agencies and a manager, submitting me for local, regional, and national tv and radio spots. Throughout my journey and arduous routine of regularly auditioning for producers and often directly for clients in production house environments, I routinely asked for feedback on my strengths, and especially my weaknesses in pronunciation, sibilance, annunciations, staccato, and most importantly, my ability or inabilities to deliver the specific tone, performance style and acting responsiveness for which the client specifically requested. As I learned to improve upon and hone my practical auditioning skills, thereby achieving success at landing a greater percentage of jobs, I pursued several workshops and one on one training with industry veterans (most notably Character Acting with the Late Gordon Hunt, Hollywood producer & director) and working professionals to learn the mastery of higher skills and expand my versatility as a voice actor, not just a performer delivering lines. Eventually I expanded into the niche of character voices that led to commercials for Time Warner, independent short animations and even X-Box game developers, most notably performing as six characters for the First to Fight FPS game used as a combat training platform for the US Marines.

As I mature into an older age set, I am continuing to refine my voice profile, through further online training and development with reputable professionals, in a determined endeavor to forge my respectability as a ebook narrator and character actor.


Perhaps one of the most exciting voice clients was Disney, when I had the opportunity to work with one of the most *amazing* group of creative intelligent Imagineers. I was the (pre-recorded) Introduction Voice for the "Hercules Zero to Hero" Parade at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Another fun, albeit very hard work, was spending a week in the recording studio with the developers at Destineer Studios to voice six completely different characters for the X-Box video game "First to Fight".

In addition to lending my onstage command for live events, I have enjoyed emceeing the MDA Walkathon sponsored by the Discovery Health Channel and introducing several local celebrities and speakers at such large (and intimate) audience attended academic symposiums, trade shows, and events of general public interest.

Past clients include: Walt Disney, Phillips, Mayo Clinic, John Deere, Buffalo Wild Wings, Charles Schwab, Abbot Hospitals, Minnesota Timberwolves, Seattle Seahawks, X-Box/Destineer, Telex, Best Buy and US Bank.


As a veteran voice actor and producer, I've acquired the essential engineering and post production skills that mandate delivering professional craftsmanship to my clientele. Utilizing the industry workhorse Neumann TLM 49 large diaphragm condenser microphone powered by the Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Platinum mic pre-amp and the Native Instruments DAW interface, vocal tracks are mixed via Cubase and Adobe Audition. Sound environmental control and studio walls are acoustically treated with Aurelex Acoustic Foam panels. My audio engineering is skillfully mixed and enhanced with assorted compressors and DAW plugins, and monitored via Audio Technica & AKG studio headphones as well as M-Audio BX-8 and Mackie HR824 MK2 Studio Monitors.

Delivered files are available in all industry standard broadcast formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, AIFF, and FLAC and in any bitrate quality up to 256 kbit/s.