Michael Joaquin

Membro à 2 anos
"bright, youthful, friendly boy next door. If he was an alien."

Mikee Joaquin lives to play and perform. With a career in show business spanning 12 years and multiple art forms, Mikee is the true embodiment of a creative millennial and has used his specialist skills to work across everything from Vegas shows, to film, and even children's puppet shows. Mikee now finds himself drawing on all his skills as a multifaceted performer and bringing it all with him into his voiceover work. As a professional dancer, he has a unique approach and physicality to his voice acting that lends itself beautifully to character work and it’s no secret he has a passion for the genres of gaming and animation. When it comes to commercials and corporate narrations, his undeniable energy, vitality and relatability make his truly millennial voice shine. There’s no denying Mikee has youth on his side and you’ll hear the natural brightness in his voice when you listen to his demo. Everything Mikee has done in his career has brought him to this junction where he combines his many talents to help his clients make their projects stand out and their characters live. Minds are at ease knowing that Mikee produces crisp and quality audio from his professional studio and delivers files in a timely and efficient manner.


Voice Business: Juliet Jordan : Student
Voice Booth : Voice Booth Intensive Workshops, Brisbane
Richard Horovitz - Voice Acting Coaching
Teresa Lim - Mentoring
Global Voice Acting Academy - David Rosenthal Character Online Class
The fACTORy - Anthony Brandon Wong weekend acting intensive
The fACTORy - Chris Sommers - Acting Class
Backbone Ensemble - Lucas Stibbard - Acting Class
The Acting Space Core Acting Program- Rebekah O’Sullivan - Acting Class
Gareth Harris - Acting Coach


(short film) The Answer to Everything (Best Picture @ Short + Sweet Film Festival QLD 2018) : Narrator
James McKay Show (Radio) 2019 - Voice Artists - Promo/Presenter
Brown Boy - Voice Actor - Shop Keeper
Friendship - Voice Actor - Theodore
Tai and the Adventures of Camilla : Voice Actor - Tai
Final Fantasy Advent Children (Anime Dub) : Voice Actor
James McKay Show (Radio) 2019 - Present : Voice Artist
Pack Street Audio Drama Series : Remmy Cormo - Lead/ Narrator 2017-Present
Studio Urban Mid Year Showcase : Narrator/ Voice Actor/ Dancer
Swagamama Hype Night Show : Narrator/ Voice Actor/ Dancer
Super Natural Audio Adaptation - Voice Actor - Ian
Swagamama “Rainbros" theatre show : Narrator/ Voice Actor


Singing (baritone)
Creature voices/sounds
American accents
-New York
Canadian Accent
European Accents
-British (RP, Yorkshire, Cockney, London)
Asian Accents