Michael Grant

Michael Grant

Membro à 5 anos •
"A voice that inspires confidence and trust."

Michael understands that hiring an appealing voice to get your story told or your product sold is just the half of it. He’s the storyteller you can count on to not only deliver the voice you envisioned for your script but to meet every deadline with dependable, hassle-free, high quality sound service – the whole story through.

Michael's great big hug of a voice lends itself exceptionally well to stories of all kinds. He is just as happy using his improv acting skills, honed at The Second City in Chicago, on amusing and lighthearted projects as he is using his background as an organizational consultant and certified Master Trainer/MBA on more serious Corporate and Industrial projects. He loves doing Documentary narration and clients like Global Progressive Forum, Goodwill, and others rely on him to give their documentary character and punch. And clients like Samsung, Stowe Mountain Resort, and Biogen have come to Michael for narration that gives their brand impressions energy and life. He's the guy you can equally trust to sell you insurance, investments, legal services and luxury cars or take you along through stories of adventure, intrigue, home, and the heart.

Before making the decision to follow his true calling - to perform and perfect his natural storytelling talent as a full-time voiceover artist - Michael Grant’s previous career was that of a licensed clinical psychologist (PhD). He has completed and published original research in medical, healthcare and business journals and brings an incredibly rich knowledge and skill base to the table. What makes Michael so unique is his ability to expertly combine his background and sharp intelligence with his warm and wise sound - moving each audience he has the honor of talking to and producing stunning results for his clients.

Michael continually trains with the best in the biz and is a professional member of WoVO, Association for Talent Development (ATD), e-Learning Guild, and other voice over organizations. Between sessions, you can find Michael spearheading a study examining narrator training as it relates to learner retention in e-Learning and spending time with his wife, Patricia, and their two small dogs, Noah and Lily, in coastal South Carolina where they call home.


It is not about the voice! Having a nice, resonant voice might sometimes be a benefit but the essence of a being a great voice over talent, no matter the niche (Commerical, Narration, e-Learning, Medical, Corporate/Industrial, Political, Movie Trailers, Promo, TV and Radio Imaging, Audiobooks, etc.) is all about what the actor DOES with their voice, not the voice, itself. "Voice over" is, at its best, "voice acting" and the better the voice talent can analyze/understand the script and the intent of the writer and then employ acting skills to bring that script to life as the writer intended, the more successful the voice talent will be in serving the script, its writer, and the client. That is my goal: to use my voice and acting skills to make your script come alive as you intended it to!

Learning what to DO with my voice required a great deal of training. I have worked with the following individuals and organizations to develop my skills as a voice over talent:

Judith Sullivan (Atlanta): Private Coaching
J. Michael Collins (Washington DC/Luxembourg): Private Coaching and Demo Production
Nancy Wolfson (Los Angeles): Private Coaching and Acting for Advertising Coursework
Thom Pinto (Stockton, CA): Broadcast Narration Coursework and Private TV Narration Coaching
The Second City (Chicago): Improvisational Acting Training


Playhouse Productions (Los Angeles)
Danny Corey Productions (Santa Monica)
Better Bureau (Atlanta)
Moon Tide Media, Inc. (San Diego)
Kona Deep (Kailua, Kona, Hawaii)
Double Double (Belgium)
Zach Christy Designs (Los Angeles)
Sound Ideas
Stowe Mountain Resort (Vermont)
Goodwill (Dallas)
Gigasavvy (Irvine, CA)
451 Media Group (NYC)


Post production: editing, audio processing, file naming and file splits (for eLearning), etc.