Michael Gallagher

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"Confident, Conversational, Vulnerable, and Honest"
Michael Gallagher

Originally a native of New England, Michael was classically-trained as an actor in the Great Smokey Mountains of Appalachia, home to many of America's greatest stories and storytellers. With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, he consistently strives for professionalism and quick turn-around for every project he is a part of. His experience in working for publishers, theaters, production companies all over the country has enriched his love for telling great stories. He is also an accomplished audiobook director & audio engineer.

His work in VO has covered a wide range of voice types, especially teenagers, young adults, and families, but every chance to play a zany gremlin or belt a show tune is always rewarding. When it comes to giving a voice to your carefully crafted stories and characters, Mike’s gotcha covered.


Voiceover: David Lawrence XVII, Marc Cashman, Dan Lenard, Katie Leigh, Tim Friedlander
Acting: Jason Narvy, Chris Sullivan, Terrence Mann, Beth Leavel

UNC School of the Arts (Winston-Salem), WCU School of Stage & Screen
Voiceover Training: Lisa Biggs, Bill Holmes, Byron Wagner
Deep study of various vocal techniques, including Alexander, Linklater, and Lessac.
Dialects training: New Yorker, Bostonian, Deep Southern, Mountain Southern, British (RP & Cockney), Irish, Scottish, German, Russian.
Classically trained actor with studies in Shakespeare, Meisner, Adler, Michael Chekhov, and Stanislavsky methods.


Most recent books directed & engineered: The Patient Organization, Brave Genius, and You're Not Moving SLOW Enough. He has lately been involved in Industrials and Audiobooks. His most recent clients include Amazon and Aceable.

"Michael is truly a creative partner. It’s so rare to find VO talent that can fully invest into the character, even if it’s “just” promotional material. He is just SO determined, without prompting, to immerse himself into the material. His level of commitment brings a certain level of depth, authenticity and seamless believability to the projects he’s a part of. How many VO actors can you say that about? Michael Gallagher is the real deal, folks. If you have the fortune of crossing paths, take the leap and bring him onboard." -Joseph Hader, Aceable Inc.


Michael has been singing for the majority of his life, most of which was done on the stages of the Appalachian region. He is also an audio engineer, proficient in proofing, editing, mastering, and has experience in coordinating with various publishers and studios.