Maud Arrault

Membro à 7 anos
"Upbeat, Friendly, Warm and smooth"

Maud's versatile voice and subtle accent made her become the corporate voice of international companies such as GSK, Orange and Swarovksi. She is an experienced narrator and dubs films and TV series into French. For most of her work, she uses both French and english equally, she also speaks fluent Italian.


1 year acting diploma, various voice workshops and coaching sessions.


Fight Girl, Feature film, FDR
Bletchley Circle, TV Series, FDR
Light as a feather, TV series, FDR
Invisible Sue, TV series, FDR
70 Big Ones, Feature film, FDR
Vagrant Queen, TV series, FDR
In the Vault TV series, FDR
Les Mills multiple episodes, multiples characters, VoiceArchive
Between husband & wife, Susan, Agnes, May, Emily, EP 1 TO 34, ADRenaline

Sleep story, A dream above Paris,
Sleep story, Le lapin de velours,
Sleep story, La petite Sirène,
Sleep story, Les lamantins de Floride,
Sleep story, Gratidude,
Sleep story, Scotland hidden hideways,
Sleep story, The Queen of Calm,

Voice Over
Alexa Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Show, Amazon
Presenter, COLGATE TOOTHBRUSH, Media Bounty
French, BOSE HEADPHONES, Spotify
Caroline, GARMIN, Thrum, Tim Burns
Adam & Eve, Lipton
Brothers printers
As one, DHL
French Advert, SLENDERTONE, Scramble Sound
French, DANISH GIRL, Ginger and Blue, Tom Hooper
French, THIRD PERSON, Louis Elman Associates
Lily, HOURGLASS, A la carte, Laura Obiols
Presenter, RESEARCH, Somethin'else
English, GSK FINANCE, Radley Yeldar, Corporate
French, UNDERWEAR, Truespirit, Corporate
English, GSK LEADERS, Radley Yeldar, Corporate
Presenter, ORANGE CISCO, Truespirit, Corporate
French, GSK VACCINES, Radley Yeldar, Corporate
English, GSK VACCINES, Radley Yeldar, Corporate
Presenter, GSK T&E APP, SNK, Corporate
Customer, SWAROVSKI, Heavy Entertainment Limited, Corporate
Trainer, Estée Lauder, Corporate
English, MOKA WORKS, Indivo, Corporate
Trainer, Truespirit, Corporate
Trainer, HUNKEMOLLER 1&2, Truespirit, Corporate
Presenter, HKM, The Retail Practice, Corporate
French, OC-HKM, Truespirit, Shelly S, Corporate
Educational, French, Italian, TRINITY B1, Oxford University Press, Peter Marsh
Educational, GCSE French, Harper Collins
Art piece, Mysterious Girl, ALIENATION AND PERSUASION, Goldsmith Arts, Matthias Tharang


I can convincingly do children and cartoon voices. I also write subtitles from English into French and do script checks.