Matthew Ullnick

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"A Serious Voice of both Strength and Sensitivity"

I am a craftsman always striving to better his craft. I take that passion of the field to continue to learn, grow, and evolve as an actor. I have studied the many sides to Voice Over: including commercials, promos, audiobooks, narration, animation, and video games.

I love doing any character work whether it be in a game, movie, cartoon, audiobook or wherever. Bringing life to those characters is a both a treat and an honor. That is my special passion.

I can also deliver various commercial reads including:
-the warm, conversational, and friendly type
- the wry, sarcastic and snarky read
-calm, reassuring, and trustworthy read
-authoritative, serious, straightforward type
-sexy, smooth, sensual type
-professional, intelligent and articulate read
-fun, upbeat, and cool type

Whatever your looking for, I am here to help. So: let's make some great Voice Over together!


I've learned from various institutions & organizations including Actors Connection, Voice Actors of NYC, and Abacus Entertainment. I also have learned from the greats: Paul Liberti, Steve Blum, Anna Garduno, Darren Dunstan, Andy Roth, Everett Oliver, Bryant Falk and Marisa Dargahi.


I voice the Russian Gangster in the 2019 indie Video Game Rico.
I voice Ben Jackson in the audio drama series Halo: The Lost Keys.
I am a creator and self-publish Voice Over content on my YouTube Voice Over channel.


I have post-production editing skills for finished audio.