Matthew Shea

Matthew Shea

Membro à 7 anos •
"Versatile and seasoned talent."

Every script deserves a commitment of forces drawn from the voice talent's experience and interpretive skill. Matt's well is both deep and fresh.


Have received voice training and script interpretation instruction both in the classroom and in the field. First as a Journalism major at Washington University, and then over the course of two decades and two continents, a student at the Tokyo Broadcast Academy, radio correspondent for UPI, Voice of America, BBC, Radio France, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Vatican Radio, VoiceOverSTL and Clayton Studios.


Have recently completed large-budget projects for a Proctor & Gamble national campaign for Downy and Fabreeze working with agencies and production companies in New York and P&Gs home-base in Cincinnati. "The Extra Hour" collected over 1,000,000 hits on YouTube alone, despite a short shelf life designed to coincide with the week preceding Daylight Saving Time.

Produced, edited and narrated the first English-Language reading of Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki's "Kokoro" for Regnery Publications and Audibles Inc.

Soseki, often referred to as Japan's Charles Dickens, and whose visage adorned the 1,000-yen bill for most of the post-war period, penned "Kokoro" more than a century ago. Both Amazon's audiobook division and the publisher have been pleased and surprised by brisk sales of Matt Shea's production of the widely recognized preeminent example of the modern Japanese novel.


Can apply a variety of sound effects, editing enhancements and public domain musical backgrounds to any project from a talented pool of local musicians and audio technicians using the latest DAW-enabled equipment and software.