Mark Matulis

Mark Matulis

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"Engaging. Cool and calming. Playful and charming"

My natural voice falls into the baritone range, yet I can easily jump into a higher
register. I've got a authoritative, yet comforting sound (narration, documentary, explainer). I'm adept at characters and accents (French, German, generic 'European', Irish, Scottish, New York).


Commercial and narration - I've coached with Terry Daniel. Marc Cashman via webinar
Audiobooks - I coached with Dawn Harvey
E-learning, medical with J. Michael Collins via webinar
Animation webinar with Pat Brady
Audio editing with Jan Anderson, Larry Hudson
Improv training at Second City
Various ongoing actor training locally and via webinar


In the Black Friday podcast, my character, General Adams, briefs the President over a repeat phenomena.

In the Reignition Theory podcast I play Sandford Grainer. I give a monologue about a failed sea to land bombardment

I play Dr. Baumann, with a German accent, in the dystopian Artemis podcast.


I'm a fast editor
Character voices