Mark Benninghofen

Mark Benninghofen

Membro à 3 anos •
"Mark is Knowing, Authoritative, Conversational and yes, Funny!"

As a professional stage and screen actor in the US for more that 35 years my VO work emerges from an honest, internalized place. I am not simply an announcer; my characters range from the ridiculous to the most commanding, earnest, heartfelt and genuine. I am FAST. As a radio producer since 1988, I know better than most how to communicate in a session and quickly interpret and execute the writer/directors' wishes and objectives.
Whether your project is a national commercial, an animation or podcast, documentary, or corporate explainer video, I will lift your words off the page and bring them to life. That's my job.
This industry is flooded with beginners and hopefuls; I am neither. Let my decades of experience create an easy, collaborative session and drive your message to your audience in an impactful, memorable way.


I was fortunate after graduating the Professional Program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to work almost immediately in theatre, TV and film across the country. Soon I was introduced to mentors and giants in advertising's 'Rebellious' period (1985-2000). I was discovered in '88 by Craig Wiese of Craig Wiese and company and was in demand for National/Network voice overs almost overnight. I later joined his firm where my writing, producing and VO work earned me multiple Clio, Association and AAAA awards including a Best of Show for radio at The 1992 London International Awards.

Voice over is a combination of art and skill. The best talent are the best listeners.


I have voiced over 4,300 commercials Nationally, Regionally and Locally for both Radio and Television in the US since 1988. Most visible among the hundreds of clients I've served are United Airlines, 3M, Burger King, Pepsi, Timex, Time Magazine, Delta Airlines, Purina, Nature Valley, Cheerios, The Hartford Insurance Company, Morgan Stanley Retirement, Sprint, Allianze, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Polaris, Medtronic, The Mayo Clinic, H & R Block, RR Donnelly, Wells Fargo, TCF Bank, Venture Bank and hundreds of local and regional newspapers, tourism boards, hospitals and lotteries.

I played the protagonist Ray McCoy in the original BLADE RUNNER video game released in 1997.


I am a writer/producer for both TV and radio. I do not currently produce complex productions from my home studio but prefer to engage my colleagues in the studio community who have deep access to skills and libraries which I do not. I a guy in the shower. Fortunately there is no dancing in VO! I am a terrific FOLEY enthusiast and am very proficient with accents.

I speak Italian but would never wish to be represented as an Italian may only be useful if an Italian director felt more comfortable directing me in his language. I speak only enough French to create horrible confusion and mayhem in the studio. I speak no German but know nice people in Darmstatd.