Mari Monge

Mari Monge

Membro à 4 anos •
"It's all in the delivery... it's how you say it."

Emmy award winning, sophisticated, classy, warm, fun, smooth, elegant, conversational, polished, excellent for narrations, promos, phone prompts, infomercials, commercials, TV shows and professional presentations.


I began at the age of 10 in Costa Rica. My father was a television host, radio personality and did plenty of voice work. I learned everything I know through him and still pick up great tips from him. Being from Costa Rica allows me to to speak a very neutral Spanish. I have the latest Pro-Tools software, M box Mini 2, along with an Audio Technica 4033 Mic. I'm ready for anything!


I have worked for big networks such as Disney Channel, Discovery Channel and clients like Hugo Boss, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, Miami HEAT, McDonald's, Boost Mobile, Quaker Oats, Baby Bell Cheese etc. Please visit my web site for further information including a detailed resume.


No accents all neutral in English and Spanish.