Malu APontes

Malu APontes

Membro à 4 anos •
"A professional dedicated studio location with 24 / 7."

Malu has a true love of storytelling, a passion for lending her voice, bringing the voice of a fully realized human with a full life to your story, embedding real life into your words, rather than just attempting to force a sound or a synthetic sound. The ever changing and modern landscape of communication demands it. It cuts through and connects.
She works full time at her professional studio as a Voice Artist, serving clients and stories around the globe. For example: Microsoft, Mc Donalds Brazil, HBO Latin America, Google.

Malu has a modern approach to voice work. A comfortable voice with an at ease, conversational, authentic and confident delivery. Strong, independent, feminine. As an improvisor, she can also offer wry, comedic and youthful deliveries. Her voice over work is most frequently described as: at ease, effortless, observational, street wise, believable, authentic, nuanced, conversational, relaxed, calm, connected, luxury, smartly seductive, sultry with a wink, relatable, soothing, confident, assured/authoritative, professional/casual, professional/serious, professional/compassionate, friendly neighbor, cool mom or aunt, trusted best friend, gossipy, girl next store, comedic, stressed or chill mom.

A great performance is not the only key element to delivering an excellent product in this ever changing and highly competitive business. Top quality audio matters as well.


Voice Acting at Sao Paulo University, Brazil.


More than 2 decades in voice/broadcast business.
Experienced, fast and professional service. Understands and executes direction of script/message.
Seasoned reader, very few mistakes/edits, which saves time and $.


Conversational, natural, authentic, confident, relatable, warm, believable, genuine, approachable, confident, authoritative, professional, personable, fun for conversational scripts. Can portray teen to middle aged woman to sultry and sexy. Commercial hard sell, news anchor, soft and friendly.