Lorelei Kirika

Lorelei Kirika

Membro à 2 anos •
"Your project's NEW sweet, feminine, and natural voice!"

Starting out as a YouTube voice over artist and a virtual streamer, Lorelei decided to take her voice over work to the next level with hefty training and an at-home studio. She specializes in sweet-sounding and natural feminine voices, but can also be stern, comforting, or mature, depending on the project! After three years of working as an ESL instructor, perfecting her articulation for native and non-native speakers alive, she then turned to working in the corporate world as an elearning developer; overall, she understands the need to be professional, on-time, diligent and prepared.


Closing Credits' 6-Week "Voice Acting 101" Class, Summer 2021
Closing Credits' 12-Week "Voice Acting 201" Class, Fall 2021 (pending)


Lorelei is currently "Marcy" in the Disney Villains motion-comic "Crossroads", a paying role. Marcy is a 9-year-old with immense psychic abilities that culminate through her teddy bear.


Lorelei is an accomplished singer, if any vocals are needed. She also understands how to work and navigate Adobe Audition to add post-processing to her voice.