Lonein Lara

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"A Warm, Conversational and Real Voice , with Edge when needed"

Every project I work on, I love to put sincere and conversational energy behind it. Discovering the gems and ideas on paper and bringing them to live where it comes off relatable, even with the most un-relatable topics. Its truly finding the excitement behind everything and sharing it. That's where my warm, conversational, sincere and real delivery comes through. And if we need energy then we can add that in there to get the audience fired up.


I've been doing VO for more than 16 years. I started doing commercials at a radio station and fell in love with it since then. When I decided i wanted to be the best at it, I started taking acting class ( still do ) stand up and improv training. Training in my eyes is always constant. I always want to get better not just for my craft but for your needs as well.


I've been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing brands such as: McDonald's, ATT, Subway, Maserati, AARP, Ford, Toyota, Kind, PJMask, DJI commercially.
I've also done radio imaging for various internet radio stations and podcasts.
And I've also played several characters in video games from a hard nose sergeant to a loving fish dad for a VR learning game.
As well as corporate, anthem, townhall, presentation, and product videos


Special skills I have are audio engineering. Which included recording, editing, foley work, and mastering. I do video as well.