Lili Wexu

Membro à 4 anos •
"Classic French Canadian female voice over talent"

Lili is an accomplished bilingual (French Canadian/English) voice over talent specializing in commercials, public service announcements, TV promos (imaging), narration and text to speech technologies. She is a native French Canadian and was raised bilingual in Montreal, Quebec.

This award winning VO powerhouse speaks two languages with absolutely no trace of an accent. Her work with renowned linguists and language specialists is a testament to her flawless bilingualism. Lili has a classic sound that is warm, conversational, authoritative, and friendly. Now based in Los Angeles, she works from her own professional voiceover studio.

Lili also works as a professional tv/film/voiceover actress, an on camera presenter/spokesperson and a live (PA) announcer, who can help you with recording professional voiceovers for your business presentations, ppt presentations, corporate video narrations, app tutorials, educational tutorials (e-learning), industrial videos, documentaries, imaging, in-store announcements, internet commercials, infomercials, museum tours, realty tours, movie trailers, VOG announcements, professional voicemail greetings, messages on hold, video games and animation characters.

Lili is currently wiring a book about the voiceover business.


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I have been doing voice overs since I was 19, and now I am...oops, I stopped counting! I blame Howard Stern for getting me's a long story, so if we ever work together I can tell you all about it.

Since then I've worked for huge global companies, mom & pop shops, non profits, charities and everything in between. Companies who operate in Quebec hire me regularly, since they often need a French Canadian and an English voice for their materials.

As far as actual clients, I've done high profile jobs like working live for the Olympics, narrating for NASA, and some really technical jobs like working with Google and Toshiba engineers & linguists on TTS applications. I've also done some really whacky gigs like pretending to be Italian for the Assassin's Creed video games (II). Occasionally I'll record children's voices too.

I do a bit of everything, but on a day to day basis, I'm mostly explaining things with a smile.

Commercially, Estee Lauder, Pizza Delight, Napa Auto Pro, Colgate, Babies R US have been and/or remain TV and radio clients.

Besides that, I feel like staff members of many companies have spent lots of time with me...In the US I've trained Costco employees, Target employees, Starbucks employees as well as Bell, Telus & Suncor employees in Canada. In Canada I am all over the Intact Insurance country wide, Hydro Quebec, or even wait in line at Winners and you'll hear me.

As far as my work ethic, I believe in deadlines, in team work and in doing what it takes to make a recording the best it can be. I hope we get to work togethe


Text To Speech specialist in two languages.