Larry Hudson

Larry Hudson

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"A clear concise baritone that embodies strength and sincerity."

Larry provides a clear concise baritone sound that embodies strength, power and sincerity. His signature sound is relaxed and conversational. Listeners are drawn in by Larry’s warm tones which he brings forth in a variety of genres: commercial, narrative, corporate, political or instructional. Larry’s versatility enables him to bring light hearted fun to character pieces or deep sincerity to roles of a more solemn nature. The clients’ needs are always the first priority with Larry. His intention is clear… to bring to the project what is necessary for the client to achieve their vision. He looks forward to the opportunity to provide you with the voice and performance you are looking for.


Studied with David Lyerly, Marc Cashman, Mary Lynn Wissner, Jodi Gottlieb & Jeff Howell


Active in the Voiceover Industry since 2009.
Previous clients include Disney, Toyota, Lexus, Picture Head, Kubota Tractor Corp., Apple, Google, Mylanta, Heineken, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, World of Tanks to name a few.


I am excellent at post production and have the ability to mix music (you provide) with voice as well as combine with video upon request.